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There are many reasons people choose to build log homes, despite newer building technologies, there are many appealing factors. Choosing this type of construction is energy efficient, good for the environment and creates a very homey and comfortable living space that is child friendly and noise proof.

A log home is a form of green construction and the impact on the environment is minimal. This is largely because the wood used to build log homes are usually resilient species and wood is a renewable resource. In many cases trees cleared from the lot itself can be used to build the home. This means no trees or resources wasted.

If built well, most log homes are also very energy efficient. The thick walls of the home absorb heat from sun during the cold days and insulate from excessive heat during summer. This means a more even home temperature and less need for central air and heat.

The thick walls also create a noise barrier, and helps the inside of the house stay quiet and from outside noises. Because the wood absorbs sound it also lessens the noise within the home itself, from room to room, or even from household appliances. This lends the the peaceful relaxing feel that log homes have, and make it a great place to escape the hubbub of daily life.

Of course, log homes are not all perfect. And there are some possible drawbacks. For one construction on a log home tends to be pretty dangerous due to the large logs that need to be placed. Another possible issue that that in many cases the wood isn’t treated and needs regular maintenance to deter bugs and keep the wood dry.

Getting a loan for a log home can also be an issue at times. Because it is considered a ‘non-traditional-home’ finding the right loan, or a bank that will mortage out the house can be tricky. This is something that is important to look into, especially if you are hoping to resell the home.

Log homes have been a much-loved construction style for years. The houses feel warm, homey and inviting, and the thick walls provide insulation from the weather and noise. Log homes are also excellent for the environment and are very energy efficient.

Although there are some drawbacks to building a log home, the potential benefits are many, and a log home can be a relaxing oasis for decades to come.

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